Events – St Patrick’s Day – ‘Get Lucky’ Campaign

The Heart of Richmond AIDS Society (HORAS) conducts an annual 17th March – St Patrick’s Day – Safer Sex Campaigns.  The ‘Get Lucky’ Campaign plays off the lighthearted St Patrick’s Day theme; condom packages, entitled ‘Get Lucky Packets’ are handed out to revelers celebrating in Richmond bars and pubs.

We take every opportunity to connect with the Richmond community as we want people to know that we are here and that we support their safer choices. Bars and pubs are a great way for us to get-the-word out that HIV/AIDS continues to be a reality and there is still no cure.  We hope our Campaign encourages people to use protection, like condoms, if they are having sex.  Our St Patrick’s day message being “if you get lucky, stay safe!”

The Heart of Richmond AIDS Society’s Get Lucky Campaign involves community members as volunteer educators and local bars and pubs continue to be welcoming and encouraging of the campaign.

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We are currently seeking new volunteers to distribute condom packages to local pubs and bars in Richmond this upcoming St Patrick’s Day on Saturday 17th March.  You MUST be 19+ and have valid ID. See below for instructions on how to volunteer for us.