Education and Prevention

We provide education and prevention services:

  • Youth Education Program: A presentation given to youth in Richmond in grades 10, 11, and 12 that helps them better understand HIV and make healthy decisions in their own lives. We work with secondary schools to provide the presentation in a classroom setting. Contact our office to learn more about this exciting program.
  • Community Awareness Display: A display board is updated with the latest information on HIV/AIDS and accompanies us to various community events where we are available to answer questions and distribute resources. Contact the office if you are interested in hosting us at your event
  • Condom Packages: Packages containing information and resources are distributed to the public during our two campaigns each year. The “Get Lucky” campaign happens on St. Patrick’s Day. We distribute condom packages to local pubs and bars in Richmond. The “Fun in Sun” campaign is held each year in late August. We make packages available on some of the busiest beaches in the Metro Vancouver area.

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