One-on-One Support

We provide support and advocacy to those people living with HIV/AIDS and their family, friends or caregiver through our Outreach Worker Program. Our Outreach Worker uses a strengths-based, member-centred approach. Taking a member-centred approach means that during the time you receive services from us, your goals come first. We are guided by what you say you want and/or need. Services offered focus on the health, resiliency and resourcefulness of our members and each case plan is individualized to fit current needs and re-evaluated constantly to ensure that the services provided are those most needed by the member. As such, our support programs focus on helping people help themselves. Our support programs aim solely to improve the quality of life for our members. Our Outreach Worker can be contacted at or 778-883-5137.

Services provided, but are not limited to, applications/referrals for subsidized housing, assistance with PWD and CPPD applications, advocacy and liaising with other service providers to ensure that our members are receiving the services required to best improve their lives. We work closely with both the Gilwest and Oaktree Clinics, as well as with numerous other community social service agencies in the Metro Vancouver area.

Our Outreach Worker can be contacted at or 778-883-5137.